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                          Bowen Casing Spear System Calculator

                          Our Bowen Casing Spear System Calculator helps determine the overall load rating and mode of failure…

                          Bowen Casing Spear System Calculator App for Android

                          Our Bowen Casing Spear app for Android users helps you determine which spear assembly and grapple co…

                          Bowen Casing Spear System Calculator App for iOS

                          Our Bowen Casing Spear app for iOS users helps you determine which spear assembly and grapple combin…

                          Coiled Tubing Calculator

                          Manually calculating coiled tubing specifications can be challenging, so we've been working on a sol…

                          CTES Customer Portal

                          Access the most up-to-date release information for CTES? products, download software, and view wirin…

                          CTES Live Portal

                          You and your customers can now view all available OrionNET jobs from your we browser — on location o…

                          Drilling Expendables Databook

                          We manufacture a wide selection of fluid end expendables to ensure the best performance from your sy…

                          Grant Prideco Connection Library

                          Access the most up-to-date technical documents and brochures for our Grant Prideco products.

                          Grant Prideco Licensee Locator

                          Our licensed repair facilities provide 24/7 service and technical support around the globe for Grant…

                          Grant Prideco Performance Calculator

                          The Performance Calculator allows you to create drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, and drill colla…

                          IntelliServ Value Calculator

                          Handling Tools Catalog

                          Grant Prideco LicensEase

                          Access a database of resources for Grant Prideco licensed facilities.

                          LineMinder Navigator

                          Our LineMinder software is designed to enable safe and efficient operation for hydraulic drive slick…

                          NOV Jar Placement Program

                          Proper placement can affect your jar’s performance. Our jar placement program helps you get the most…

                          Power Sections App

                          Search power section spec sheets.

                          Pump Quoting Tool

                          Request a quote for our pumps by completing this form.

                          Quality Tubing Available Inventory

                          Access up-to-date information on available NOV coiled tubing strings for quick delivery.

                          XL Systems Specs Direct

                          Specs Direct provides standard connector performance data sheets for the most common pipe and connec…

                          Triphaze Calculator


                          Stay connected on the go and explore all Tuboscope can do for you.

                          WaterWolf Savings Calculator

                          Calculate your potential cost savings on produced water treatment with the WaterWolf DOR system usin…

                          WellData MobileRT - Apple

                          WellData MobileRT - Android